Philips’ management decided that offering a low-power portable generator would facilitate such sales. The Stirling engine with its parabolic mirror, can be attached to any conventional. STIRLING ENGINE FOR SALE Developer and owner of alternative energy solutions using solar, wind, clean and green energy. Southern California Edison announced an agreement to purchase solar powered Stirling engines. This solar powered Stirling engine offers a dramatic demonstration of energy conversion.

Investigations in to the utilization of solar radiation by means of Solar Dish/Stirling Power Systems are being carried out at a number of sites. Stirling Books, Literature, Drawings, and Plans Gallery of Model Engines FOR SALE: Model Engines, Books. Solar powered Stirling engines are becoming increasingly popular, as they are a. The Solar Stirling Engines will be working models that produce juice. NEW: Vacuum seal for Beta engines, +25% power output. Cool Energy, Inc., a developer of clean energy heat and power systems, today announced that it has received its first two customer orders for its novel renewable energy.
Includes corporate overview and news

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